Online quest about the life of a tired office worker who constantly gets yelled at by his boss

During registration, players had the opportunity to create their own unique character using the face constructor

The character builder included choosing the shape of the bags under the eyes

Successful completion of the quest rewarded the player with new items for their workplace, like an air conditioner, while other players could visit and water their ficus plant

The prizes included a calendar, a collection of playing cards, a notebook, a mug, metal pins, and a set of socks


illustrator: Nikita Vasilevskiy
product designer: Dmitry Sedov
3d: Roman Ivanyuchenko
animation: Ksenia Dobrovitskaya
front-end: Dmitry Seregin
back-end: Vladimir Sinitsyn
secret coder: Gleb Zhelezin

producer: Timur Radzabov
manager: Maria Bubnova