PlayOddity is an imagination-boosting platform that inspires young minds through play. My task was to create visual representations of four characters to help create a unique and engaging experience for children and parents

I created different poses, emotions, and objects for each character


She is an explorer who prioritizes a scientific approach in all her endeavors. She appreciates rules and instructions and can effectively convey information to both children and parents


Young is a certified psychologist. Don’t let the fact that he’s a baby fool you. You know how babies can sense even the slightest change in your mood? That’s Young


Next up, we have YNK. He’s the quirkiest among them and also the most creatively inclined. YNK stands for ’You Never Know,’ so anticipate the unexpected from him

The Voice

And lastly, there’s The Voice. It’s challenging to describe whether it’s a he, she, or even an it. You can hear The Voice all around PlayOddity

character designer: Nikita Vasilevskiy
art director: Rodion Arsenyev
producer: Kate Polyakova

done in 40 days